The fight for a just and equitable America is under way in the states, and the State Priorities Partnership – a network of more than 40 independent, nonprofit research and policy organizations – is leading the way.

Every day, state governments raise and spend tax revenue in ways that profoundly affect families and communities. Choices states make about investing in schools, health care, child care, and other services can either help create opportunity and prosperity for people or hold them back.

Reducing inequality and fighting poverty by making sure states have the resources they need through an accountable budget process is what the State Priorities Partnership is all about.

State Priorities partners use evidence and analysis to advance policies that give more people the opportunity to prosper. They do this by equipping lawmakers, journalists, advocacy organizations, nonprofit service providers, and the public with unassailable information that helps children get a quality education, families get medical care, and working people get the assistance they need to build a better life.

The State Priorities Partnership, launched over two decades ago as the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative (SFAI), works to improve state policy in a variety of areas:

    • Taxes
    • Budgets
    • Education
    • Health Care
    • Poverty and Inequality
    • Economic Development
    • Workforce & Wages
    • Immigration
    • Racial & Gender Equity
    • Children & Families
    • Civic Engagement
    • Government Accountability
    • Criminal Justice
    • Environmental Protection

Case StudyA Network That Works: Advancing Proactive Agendas to Help Working Families Thrive

The State Priorities Partnership is coordinated by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. For more information about the Partnership, contact statecommunications@cbpp.org. To get in touch with the State Priorities partner in your state, please click here.

Tweets from State Priorities Partners

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